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Time for You to Breathe!

Lately I’ve been pondering on the fact that we are more than the sum total of our life’s experiences, and so much more amazing that we perhaps realize.

Funny how we can go through some negative circumstances, and somehow internalize these so much that we allow them to define who we are; as if our future is somehow tied to and cannot break away from our past.

The truth is that those negative experiences don’t have to hinder our progress, but instead depending on how we view them and make use of them, they can actually help make us better and stronger than we would have ever been without them. In the end, it’s all about perspective.

And if our self-imposed limits were not enough, we have the added pressure of other people’s opinions. As incredible as it seems, many people actually believe that they have a right to tell you who you are; and they would even be so bold as to argue with you if you disagree!

Seems like persons are always wanting to label us or place us in some box or other – “Oh she’s the shy one,” and “He’s the brave one.” Yeah, well, maybe sometimes he doesn’t feel so brave – and that’s okay; and perhaps at times she might surprise you by how boldly she responds.

If only we would awaken to the fact that we are so much more than what we do (or what is done to us); what categories people place us in; who other people think we are; or even who we think we are. That we would realize there is an inherent value within us that no one can take away from us; and that while there is a place for advancement and progress, that we are okay, while we are on our way to getting there.

If you’re tired of trying too hard and need a reminder that you’re okay, then this book is the perfect resource for you.

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    • Helen

      Hi Faith,

      Saw your book on amazon, I am interested in using your published Elm books to published my new novel.
      I read a lot about them on the internet and I am getting concern, could you kindly share your experience with me and point me to the right direction. Its my first book and I live in the UK

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