Secrets to Becoming a Wiser, More Confident and Happier You

DISCOVER: How to draw more meaning and a level of spirituality into your life, right where you are, and in spite of your busy schedule

This book is for you if:

  • You’re so busy you don’t know what day is today
  • You’re looking for simple ways to have deeper meaning in your life
  • You’re ready for a change in your life
  • You tend to get upset every time it rains on your parade
  • You sometimes feel that your life is out of control

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Secrets to Becoming a Wiser, More Confident and Happier You is an inspirational self-help book written by Mrs. Faithaline Hippolyte. Using quotations from Scripture and her own experiences with life, Hippolyte offers a 21-day self-improvement course designed to take little of your time yet give back big results. Her book is divided into three week-long sections on: Becoming Wiser, More Confident and, Ultimately, Happier. Each day, she tells the reader a story about something that happened, for instance, on Day One her son was asked to stop attending karate classes. How was she to react? For one thing, her son wasn’t happy with the lessons and had told her so. Would she still be outraged at the instructor’s behavior? The conclusion she comes to is shared in her section entitled the Aha Moment. She follows each of the days’ tales and Aha Moments with questions for reflection, and a bonus section of questions designed to help the reader more fully assimilate the material covered. She also includes a bonus section which shares insights gained from owning her first car.

Mrs. Faithaline Hippolyte’s nonfiction inspirational self-help book, Secrets to Becoming a Wiser, More Confident and Happier You, is well-written and very accessible. Hippolyte’s writing style is conversational and smooth, making it seem as though she’s there in person as she tells you her stories and shares her observations on life. While she does use quotations from Scripture, her material is suitable for anyone regardless of their spirituality or religious beliefs. I enjoyed seeing how she used calm reflection to fine-tune her reactions to the various stressors she encounters, and I appreciated how her questions for reflection and bonus questions help to make sure the messages from the text come through. I especially liked her bonus section about her automotive experiences. This section is frank, funny and not to be overlooked. Secrets to Becoming a Wiser, More Confident and Happier You is highly recommended.

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Book Description

Time to Stop the Craziness

For many of us, freedom is a constant struggle as we battle the assault of demands from our families, friends, workplaces and even ourselves. Drowning in our to-do lists, we go through life at breakneck speed, deep down suspecting that if we don’t stop the craziness soon, we’ll inevitably smash into something.

We know that we need a kind of freedom. We long for some level of spirituality, of meaning, of sacredness in our lives. But we’re too busy, and don’t know where to start.

We don’t necessarily want another book from an expert, who will give us all the technical terms and theories. We don’t want or need complicated; our lives and brains are quite full enough, thank you.

And what’s more, we really don’t have the time to sift through a massive textbook-style tome to find the supposed golden nuggets hidden within its many pages.

We just want something simple, practical, and that won’t take a whole lot of time. Yet, something that is meaningful, and something that works.


So what does it mean to become a Wiser, More Confident and Happier Me?

Well first of all it means becoming myself, or my true self. And becoming myself means becoming conscious, or more conscious. Becoming conscious of what? Of the things that are happening in my life, and taking a little time to ponder on these circumstances, so that I can gain insight – insight into myself – my life.

This insight will make me wiser. This wisdom will make me more confident. This confidence will make me happier. However, in order to gain those insights which will get me to my happy place, I’ll need to slow down for a bit.


Finding a Better, Simpler Way

You see, the secrets to success are inside you, and they’re also screaming out within the circumstances of your life. But in order to obtain their insights, you have to be paying attention. You have to be listening to your life.

That’s where this book comes in: Secrets to Becoming a Wiser, More Confident and Happier You: ALL IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY! In this 21-day journey, the author Faithaline Hippolyte, (who’s not a mystic living in the mountains, but is a regular wife and mother), takes your hand and shows you how – all in just 10 minutes a day! And thankfully, no pilgrimage to a special place is necessary; the secrets are all found in your everyday circumstances.

Think of this as your little happiness project; or your 10 minute mindfulness adventure; or your confident woman devotional.

However you choose to look at it, you will learn how to regularly gain insight from the everyday circumstances of your life, making you a wiser, more confident and happier woman. Therefore you’ll be able to live the let-go life, and for example, not have a meltdown whenever it rains on your parade; because you know that the situations in your life have a deeper meaning and purpose, and are not just freak occurrences.


Are you ready for a change? To become more of yourself; more conscious; a wiser woman; a more confident woman; or happy mum or happy new you? Well then grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your favorite chair, and join Faith as she skilfully draws you into her everyday life experiences. With candor and humor, she will show how you too, can draw wisdom from your own life.

Want to become a wiser, more confident and happier you? Start here. Start now. Start simply.


About The Author

Faithaline Hippolyte is a writer, a wife, and the wacky mother of two adorable young boys. She is the author of the self-help book in the Freedom Series – Secrets To Becoming A Wiser, More Confident And Happier You: All IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY; and Summer Stirrings – a romance novel. You can check out all her other book titles at

Besides spending time with family and friends, and eating cake and ice cream (simultaneously); she also gets immense pleasure from bringing encouragement to others through her writing. You can follow her blog at