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Time for You to Breathe!

If you don’t like how your life is turning out, the solution is simple: change it. One might say that this is easier said than done. True, yet surprisingly it’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, a lot of it has to do with simply changing how and what you think.

I came across this inspiring video from featuring celebrities who have used the principles of the law of attraction to achieve success. The good thing about a “law” is that it can apply to anyone, and that’s good news for you and me. We too, if we apply the principles, can achieve success based on our definition, just like these celebrities did.

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So what exactly is the law of attraction? In essence whatever you focus on, think, or believe, you can draw more of it into your life; and this applies both positively and negatively. It would therefore be to your advantage to focus on positive things.

A major aspect of the law of attraction is also visualization, or imagining yourself achieving your goals and dreams. Another secret to achieving your dreams, is to act as if you’re already there, as opposed to seeing it as something you want to achieve some day (this is key). Also, if you really believe, then you will take action steps towards achieving your goals.

So the question remains: do you like the way your life is going? If not, are you ready to do something about it? Click this link to find out how.

I have found the law of attraction to work for me on many occasions: like when I went computer shopping straight out of school and picked the one I wanted, even if I hadn’t found a job yet. Well soon after I got a job and was able to buy that computer. Or when I put a picture of the make and model of the car I wanted to drive on my computer’s screen saver, and lo and behold I am driving that car now. Or when I wrote down the qualities I wanted in a mate and soon after hubby showed up….

How about you? Please share with us your thoughts on the law of attraction. Have you found it to work for you in any way?

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