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Time for You to Breathe!

Do you ever feel agitated and rushed in the morning while you are putting on socks and underwear for your kids to get them ready for school? Or perhaps for you it’s a different task, involving a different family member or loved one; but whatever it is, it’s either a task you don’t want to do, or one that aggravates you in one way or another.

For me it’s the socks and underwear scenario, and the main thing that irks me is feeling short on time and wanting to get my children dressed as quickly as possible so that they’re not late for school. And then what makes matters worse, is that Kid #1 and Kid #2 have no sense of urgency, are oblivious to my need for speed, and are more interested in watching television or singing and swaying this way and that.

Of course one thing that might help alleviate the situation is for me to get myself and both kids up earlier, so that we have more time in the morning. (Although that would be dependent on getting them to go to bed earlier, and that’s a whole other story)!

Another solution that occurred to me, however, was to look at the situation with new eyes. I began to think about what a privilege it is to have my boys in my life. So now while I dress them, I take pleasure in that short time that I get to spend with them before they head off to school. I enjoy holding them and hugging them and playing with them a bit. Same situation, but with new vision – less aggravation. How about you? What situation that affects you negatively, could benefit from being viewed with new eyes, thereby bringing about a touch of happy to your life? Why not share with us 😊

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