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Time for You to Breathe!

Have you ever bought a piece of equipment and saw in the manual something to the effect: “Please read all instructions before operating?” Recently I bought my dad a blood pressure monitor and saw this in the manual, and I had the thought that in different aspects of life, this may actually be bad advice!

While it might be good advice when operating costly machinery that you really don’t want to damage, after dishing out several hundred or thousand dollars to purchase; or when using devices related to your health, and it could end up being a matter of life or death; sometimes in life, while pursuing your passion, it’s best not to read the full instructions before installation.

time for my life

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I came across this entertaining lifehacks video from Blossom about using simple everyday objects to make other items, saving you the cost of paying for them. Well I’ve got another lifehack here for you, that can save you both time and money: Have you ever began learning something new, perhaps started a new course, or researching a topic, and felt like you should complete the entire course or absorb everything, before starting to implement what you’ve been learning? Bad idea! The sooner you start to take action and implement, the better.

Take me, for example: I downloaded a few mini courses on creating Facebook ads, and at first, I tried to get through all the materials in order to get a complete understanding of the ins and outs until I realized: wait a minute – all the time I’m spending reading through this material, I could have an ad up and running. Why not put the ad out from now, and then tweak it later, as I learn more?

What about you? In what circumstances are you waiting until you have all your ducks in a neat little row before you take action? Take some time to weigh the risks and options, and consider taking some steps now, even before you have all the information. Click this link for more help in taking action.

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