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Time for You to Breathe!

While growing up, I never quite felt like I fit in with the in crowd; I didn’t feel I was hip enough, or cool enough. My clothes weren’t modern enough, neither was my hairstyle. Now I’ve come to realize that if you don’t fit in, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Many persons are very concerned about what other people think, and they bend over backwords trying to please the mysterious ‘they’. But when you’re used to not fitting in with the majority anyway, it makes it easier to be a nonconformist; to go against popular opinion on something you truly believe in; to stand up against the status quo, and take your life in the direction you feel deep inside it should be going.

After all, what’s the worse thing that could happen? That they don’t like you? That they’re not pleased with you? Been there; done that, right?

Like I always say “don’t be so busy being resentful that you forget to be thankful.” In other words, what if something that looks like a bad thing — that looks bad for you, might actually be to your benefit? What if an experience that may have been negative, could cause your character to be strengthened, so that you’re able to overcome a challenge that you face in the future?

How about you? In what ways do you feel that you don’t fit in; that you’re different from others? Please share with us. And consider celebrating the things that make you different 😉

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