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Have you ever been so stressed out that your shoulders and neck hurt, and you had a headband headache (meaning you felt that there was a tight band around your head, even if you weren’t wearing your sweatband headband)?

One time I felt that way while working on several projects at once (as usual!) Then I remembered that hubby’s birthday was coming up, and while I had purchased his present, I hadn’t wrapped it yet. Kid #1 and my nephew also had birthdays coming soon.

Now I love wrapping presents. I don’t necessarily like the task of putting the paper around the item, but I love the anticipation of how the present will look once it’s wrapped up in the pretty paper.

So I had the thought: What if I took a break from the task at hand, and wrapped the three presents?

And what do you know? I had so much fun wrapping those presents and anticipating the pleasure of the recipients when they saw and opened them, that by the time I was finished the headband headache was completely gone, and I felt much lighter.

Well what about you? Have you ever felt so stressed that you decided to go do something for someone else, and felt great as a result? Why not share your experience with us?

Also try doing this the next time you feel overwhelmed. You will find that the pressure you feel fades away, and when you come back to the situation at hand, it won’t seem as daunting 😉

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