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Time for You to Breathe!

I could not be more pleased, as I gleefully slipped on my purple steering wheel cover with black zebra stripes. It was a perfect complement to my vehicle mats, number plate frames, wheel center hub cap stickers, and my rearview mirror décor. As you can imagine, I like purple, and a bit of flash.

It struck me as odd that the steering wheel cover went on so easily, especially compared to the effort I have had to expend to install such accessories in the past. I also noted while driving that the cover would slide around the steering wheel slightly when I swerved the vehicle to the left or right; not the best thing for a safe driving experience.

However, I ignored all these signs because – well – it matched everything so perfectly!

Eventually the steering wheel cover became even more loose, until good sense finally prevailed, and I walked into a hardware store, and purchased a proper steering wheel cover. This one was all black (no purple ☹), it took some effort to install (good sign), and when I finally got it on, it stayed put.

While I drove, I could feel a marked difference in the level of control I had as I maneuvered the vehicle. For the first time in a long time, I had a firm grip on the steering wheel cover, and the cover had a firm grip on the steering wheel, and I wondered why I hadn’t made this change a long time ago.

Do you find yourself displaying a similar pattern, in that you know something might be bad for you, yet you insist on keeping that thing around, just because it looks nice, or is familiar, or you think it would be too much trouble to change it for something else that’s better for you, etc.? Please share with us!

And also consider making a decision to go with what’s best for you, and not what you like best.

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