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So I finally got what I’d been praying for and wanting for such a long time – being out of an 8-5 job and having plenty of free time ahead of me to pursue my writing passion; but here I was, feeling stuck and not sure how to get unstuck.

To be sure I had a to-do list, with plenty of items on it. I just didn’t know what to tackle first. Here’s what I discovered…It didn’t really matter which task I picked. At that point, what was more important was that I simply got started.

I found that once I got started, that a sort of chain reaction occurred, and it became clearer what was the next thing I should be doing. It also became easier to tick off other things on my list because by starting, I had begun a momentum that only increased as I progressed. Sometimes the hardest part is to just start.

Well how about you? Have you ever felt stuck, you sort of knew what you wanted to do but felt you couldn’t really get started? How did you get unstuck? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and get more inspiration to get unstuck on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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