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Time for You to Breathe!

The last time I advised you to give up the present for the future, in regard to giving up something that you could be enjoying now, in exchange for a future benefit (you can check out that blog post here). This time, my advice to you is: don’t give up the present for the future.

And in case you’re wondering, the answer is: no – I haven’t lost my marbles. Please allow me to explain:

Have you ever found yourself dreading a future event, whether it’s that function that you were invited to but don’t really want to go; or a written exam that you’re not entirely ready for; or how about a medical exam for which you’re dreading the result?

The fact is that you can’t think two different thoughts at the same time, nor can you enjoy the present moment, while you’re thinking about that dreaded future event.

Also the irony is, that much of the time, that thing that we waste our time worrying about never happens, or if it does, it is not as bad as we had anticipated.

Think about how much joy we rob ourselves of, by spending too much time worrying about the future, instead of enjoying the present moment. How different – how much better, would our lives be, if we worried less and enjoyed more?

Life is all about choices. So what are you choosing to focus on?

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