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Time for You to Breathe!

I’m sure we’re all (or at least most of us!) generally nice people, who do good to others. But it’s one thing to be nice to other people in the normal course of your day, and an entirely different affair when you intentionally plan to do good to others. The focussed attention that you give to this intention, makes a world of difference.

Take me, for example: just recently Kid #2 spilled his juice on the dining room table as a result of his shenanigans, and was none too perturbed about the entire incident. Given his lack of remorse and that he’d been warned repeatedly about causing mischief; and after the trouble of soaking up several paper towels to clean up his mess; I may have been tempted to inform him that there would be no more juice for him – no siree! But instead, I found myself going to the refrigerator and pouring him another glass of juice.

Or that time I decided to sell some new and gently used items at the flea market, as I no longer had need for them. One day I got an idea, that instead of selling the items, what if I simply gave them away that day? It turned out to be an amazing experience. There’s something about spreading joy to others that boomerangs and hits you with that same happy warm feeling inside.

So pick a day – and decide that you will intentionally be good to others that day, and see how happy it will make you.

Also, be sure to share with us about your adventures in doing good to others.

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